Your Wish List
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Adornments Jewelry Studio helps you express yourself with our own WishList service.

Starting a WishList is easy: Simply visit Adornments Jewelry Studio and we will note your favorite pieces, and create a personalized expressions profile for the following:

  • Your preferred colors and styles of jewelry.
  • Your preferred stones, and their shapes and cuts.
  • Notations of ring sizes, preferences regarding necklace length, types and styles of earrings, and similar personal expressions.

Adornments Jewelry Studio Gift Box

Your unqiue WishList will then be like a personal registry. Friends, family and others who would love to treat you to something truly special can be sure to select treasures perfectly matching you and your unique tastes. There is no charge for our WishList service, and it will be our pleasure to serve you.

Visit Adornments Jewelry Studio today and let's begin creating your personalized profile together.

"The only real elegance is in the mind; if you've got that, the rest really comes from it."

Diana Vreeland